since 1914.

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DTR is the oldest clothing manufacturer in this part of Europe, having been founded way back in 1914.

The familiar image that arises when thinking about DTR is the little black chimney man who brings luck. One hundred years of creating quality men’s shirts, women’s blouses, PJs and other textile products, make DTR the most recognizable brand when it comes to manufacturing and quality of its products. With the advent of market globalisation, as well as strong pressure by competition from the East, DTR begins to lose its foothold in the market, which until then was unchallenged. Nonetheless it perseveres due to brand recognition, ensured quality and classic design.

Today, DTR with its modern textile factory and production of proprietary products, cooperates with internationally renowned partners such as: BOGNER, TUZZI, ODEEH, PAUL&SHARK, RENE LAZARD, JOOP and many more.
Partnership with global brands is based on a long standing confidence in DTR’s quality, while at the same time being an opportunity for DTR to be part of contemporary flows when it comes to textile design and quality.

U trgovinama DTR-a možete pronaći široku lepezu modnih tekstilnih proizvoda, koji se savršeno nadopunjavaju na naše košulje i bluze. Najmoderniji sakoi, karavate, hlače, puloveri za muške kupce, kao i suknje, haljine, ogrtači i kaputi za žene- dio su asortimana koji svakako morate vidjeti.

Buyers visiting DTR stores can find a wide range of fashionable textile products, which perfectly complement our shirts and blouses. Modern jackets, ties, pants, men’s sweaters, as well as skirts, dresses, coats and capes for women are all part of our product range that warrant having a look at.
DTR MODA is the right place to be when it comes to fashion, the right place for you, the right place for quality shopping. Visit our stores and be our next satisfied customer.

Sincerely, DTR



For over a 100 years, DTR has been the most well-known brand in men's shirts. In order to provide our customers with as large a selection as possible, DTR develops its own production of other men’s products but also in cooperation with other domestic and foreign manufacturers, offers men’s jackets, shoes, pants, neck ties, sweaters, coats...

Apart from the men’s selection, DTR develops its own women’s fashion line. A modern woman will discover quality blouses, dresses, tunics and coats at DTR.


Our products can be found in the most prestigious locations in the centre of Zagreb. DTR will soon be opening stores in Rijeka and Split as well as neighbouring countries, where our quality has for a long time been recognized.


Our partners are renowned, famous European brands, which have recognized our quality but have also through their demands and high business standards raised our level of expertise, service and production. At the same time, on the domestic market we offer the best quality to price ration when it comes to tailoring business uniforms of all types.

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